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When we were staying in the RV park of Chetumal we were the only ones with another befriended couple. We had parked with a decent space in between our campers. Then a caravan came in and they all wanted to park ocean front. They managed to squeeze two RV's in between us and our friends, with their slide outs almost touching our campers! After they all plugged in somebody started to complain about the electricity. It was not enough amps to keep his fake fire place going!!!! Why do you need a fire place when you are parked ocean front and can watch the sun setting. But we still think it is a great RV park. love from the Dutchies Claudia and PJ
(3/18/2014 12:26:09 PM)


Yeah, it's one of our favorite campgrounds so far. Unfortunately it's on the direct route to the Riviera Maya ... Jorn
(3/26/2014 12:04:23 PM)


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