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How many kilometers around the world? 7,901 miles or 12,715.43 km. Distance from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Fairbanks, Alaska USA. Flight duration time ... ( 13356.9 Kilometers / 7207.4 Nautical Miles ) Quickske , dit zijn gegevens voor Airplanes ....met de Auto is dat natuurlijk wat anders ...maar is het werkelijk zo'n verschil , Dit is mogelijk daar de wegen die gij zult volgen niet drekt recht naar Argentie gaan ....The road from Alaska to Argentina totals 47.958 km (29,800 mi) ... quite a drive! Also, it's not really "1 road". For example, between Panama and Colombia, there's no road (the "Darien gap") and requires placing your car in a shipping container on a boat. Someone described the Pan-American Highway as "a system so vast, so incomplete, and so incomprehensible it is not so much a road as it is the idea of Pan-Americanism itself".
(8/20/2013 6:03:08 PM)


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